So Toy Vault makes a couple of super deformed Godzilla plushies, and I smelled opportunity. For this I chose the "Grrr" version as I think the other one looks kinda dopey.

Turns out his mouth stays open a lot wider than the stock photo would have you believe. Oh well. To the crafts store! First order of business, Zom-Zom's eyes are completely blacked out, and I don't think a bright red tongue is representative of the undead either. So some fabric markers:

I went over the eyes a couple times to make sure they were as black as I could get them. You can still see some red through the brown if you look close but it's sufficiently dead-looking.

Next up, Zom-Zom is held together by ribbons and tape. I figure yellow and pink are a pleasant combination that Yuki would go for:

They didn't have anything wide in straight pink in the by-the-yard ribbon shelf, but the purple/pink one is pleasant and it's also wired to help big fluffy bows hold their shape. Perfect! Wouldn't want the bows to move about or come undone, so with a needle and thread I sank some stitches in there to hold things in place, and then cut off the tails of the bow to match the comic artwork.

Tape I wasn't sure about, after discarding the idea of some kind of iron-on thing I settled on actual double sided tape and this delightful ribbon that is fuzzy like fabric on one side. After all, a factory-made Zom-Zom would use fabric to depict the tape Xs on his side. Thankfully they were both the same width.

I actually put these on last, and it turned out they were too wide to be properly to scale, so I had to trim it down. Cutting off the sides of the ribbon meant it was free to unravel, but with putting the sticky tape on first it held together fine after all.

Then to the pet shop, where the smallest leather collar is 10" long, way too big for the Godzilla plushie.

Like that's going to stop me. A proper leather hole punch would have been nice, but it turns out pounding through a small nail, then a larger nail, then turning a larger screw through opens up a hole big enough to work the buckle into. A utility knife removes the extra length. The pet store also had a tag engraving machine:

Zom-Zom is kept chained down for your protection, and a toy should use plastic. Look for plastic chain and you're bound to end up at the network of webstores run by Yes, these are for the crowd control stuff you see at the airport, or theme park, or convention, etc. Fortunately they also sell by the foot, plus some extra links:

A few years back, there was a set of keychains released in Japan to commemorate the original Famicom systems. I have a feeling I paid more than I really should have for these, but not many places still have them:

They are super detailed, though. These are the Famicom and Twin Famicom. The second controllers even fit in their slots.

Oh, no! Bad Zom-Zom! Bad!

Oh well, at least he can't do any real harm, those systems are already dead.

All put together, I give you... Zom-Zom!

Zom-Zom vs. Boo!

Boo strikes back with a Girl Phase Moeko mallet!

Now as I'm sure I've mentioned before, it's my policy that whenever I make something like this, I always do two:

One to keep and one to give to Fred (the end of ACen was a convenient time):

Though I warned him he may have to share this one with Jack: